Friday, April 16, 2010

Lake Michigan Looks Like an Eggplant!

Dark times readers. Dark times in the valley of unhappiness. Only one thing could pull us through. Actually, two things. Wine & Chocolate.

When it comes to wine, we only do local. We chose Lake Effect Winery's Black and Blue. This wine reflected the bruising our souls have suffered. Also, it's made with black currants and blueberries. Delightfus.

Remember now, here at Oops! we're in the process of transforming ourselves into wine snobs. As we savored this delicious brew, we practiced our adjectives.

xtina says: "This wine develops into a bouquet of brawny brightness across the palate. A corked complexity becomes dense with depth as the floral overtones begin to dominate. An earthy harmonious finish!!"

Pancake says: "The structure was supple, like the muscles of a gazelle.  Velvetty, bold, fat, and elegant, like an Italian Opera diva."

Beeardsmith says: "A chewy, pruny mouthfeel, and coarse, yet fleshy. This nutty, nouveau wine had a definite toasty tannin character with subtle elements of spicy structure. Overall, a rustic, robust, round vintage."

As is clearly marked on the above photo, this wine is financially quib, to the utmost.

We know our stuff

Chocolate now, thanks to our "friends" at (never home)maker, came in the form of Vegan S'mores. Complex recipe with fantastic results, totally worth the time and effort. We dare say, ours turned out looking quite a bit better than the photo on the mother blog. The results were greatly enhanced by the presence of the pop-playlist.

Poppin to the playlist

We followed the original recipe pretty exactly, so you can get your instructions from them. If you're lucky, they'll turn out something like this.

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