Monday, July 12, 2010

Look at those yogas doing hippy.

Hello, hello!

Xtina and I have recently returned from a weekend of the Blissfest! This year was the 30th anniversary of the event. Blissfest is just one of many lovely hippy jam fests that keep The Mitten swinging throughout the summer.

Although our initial arrival was NOT blissful (hippies aren't super-organized people, so getting through the line-up at the gates was a long wait. We saw the Thai-food-booth-guy get pulled over by the sheriff, too), we left blissed OUT. A wonderful weekend!

It's obvious that we here at Oops! love to enjoy Michigan products on our stove-tops, in our beer mugs, and our wine glasses. Well, we also like to jam to Michigan's home-grown tunes. Some of the local fair we enjoyed at the festival?

The Billy King Band [special plug for these cats ;)]
May Erlewine and Samuel Seth Bernard
Josh Davis (remember our love for him?)
My Dear Disco
Rachel Davis
And many many more...

These were performers X and I were already quite familiar with, but there were new artists that were a great pleasure to come across, and not all from Michigan alone. The most pleasant new discovery of the weekend? FISHTANK ENSEMBLE. Everyone should check these cats out. Their shows were a serious mind-fuck. We were left wanting much more, but they journeyed beyond the festival after one day. Incredibly energetic and outrageously talented individuals, and with fascinating travel tales to boot.

If you've never been to a hippy jam fest, we highly encourage you to attend one. Other notable parts of our vacation included: 9 men in skirts, naked-overalls-man, the drum kiva, children, shockingly excellent festival food, dancing next to Lady Gaga (or just an old woman dressed like Lady Gaga), music workshops, and an abundance of fascinating and friendly people. Want to join us some time? CHECK OUT HOLLER FEST! The Oops! Team will be there, and we'd love to meet you.

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