Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seek Sandworms and Spice in the Mojave.

This is what I had for lunch one day this week:

A strawberry/blueberry/almond/chocolate chip smoothie. It was yum. Pretty simple. Threw my frozen Michigan berries, a little soymilk, some homemade cinnamon almond butter and chocolate chips into the food processor and WHAM. Lunch.

I'm reporting from the burbs of Detroit. I have one golden retriever lined up with the outside of my right leg, and another lying nearby on the floor.

I would like to use this post as a DOUBLE REMINDER TO EVERYONE.
REMINDER 1: ENTER OUR GOD DAMN GIVE-AWAY. It's so easy. Stop being lazy. You've probably never won anything in your life. Not even tick-tack-toe. Try now.
REMINDER 2: Tomorrow is Pi Day. Celebrate the number. Eat pie.

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