Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Idea Monday: Southern Comfort.


My EBT card re-upped. It's been weeks since I last went grocery shoppin'. Hence the no cooking thing.

I started this post a week ago. I had two AMAZING recipes to share. In the time it took me to finish this post, I forgot how I made them. I'm angry, because now I can't duplicate them. We all suffer for my foolishness. I mean, LOOK AT THIS SHIT. Unforgivable.

As usual around these parts, updates to the blog after a hiatus come following a trip to Northern Michigan. I arrived home yesterday from a whirlwind vacation to Marquette and Traverse City. Marquette was for "business," and TC was for fun. I was supposed to interview climbing legend Fred Beckey for Alpinist following a presentation he gave at Northern Michigan University. That didn't really happen due to several reasons, none of which matter now. It was cold and windy. However, the two hours that it was sunny and moderately warm coincided perfectly with our finally finding the slab wall we were anxious to get trad with. We had chosen the location because it was easy for a bum shoulder, and because it was CLOSE. But then it took us hours to find it. Irony.

This was my first time climbing in the UP. I hope it won't be my only chance.

Traverse City was windy on one day (knocking out power at our hotel), and rainy the next. This didn't stop me from indulging in yet another hat, nor did it ruin a beautiful hike on the extensive trail network behind the Traverse City Commons. Brilliant! Wine was enjoyed at Left Foot Charlie, and beer at Right Brain Brewery. Meals were cooked and eaten in parking lots and on sidewalks. Pseudo-hoboism.

I'd like to say that some cooking will be happening in the near future here, but I'm leaving for Seattle on a reconnaissance mission this Thursday. No cooking is likely. I'm sure I'll have plenty of exciting things to report. Maybe I'll find some tasty vegan eats out there to talk about. Today isn't even my turn for Good Idea Monday at work.

Sorry for the hiatus!

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