Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bird-dog, mouse-hippo.

Vibram. Five Fingers.

Let's talk about them. Do I own any? No. No, I don't. Do I have an opinion on them? No. I only know one thing.

They are going to increase Big Foot sightings everywhere.

I have no recipes to blog for you today, but I thought I'd share the enticing foods I've created from cookbooks of late. First bit of big news: I broke into my Babycakes cookbook, and I went all in. Tuesday was my pop's birthday, and he deserves nothing less than something completely exorbitant. Enter the 3-tier mint chocolate ice-box cake.

Was it delicious? He certainly thought so. I had a horrible stomach ache the night I drove home to special deliver it, but the leftovers were sent back to Ann Arbor by way of my traveling brother. Could we handle half of this cake by ourselves? Certainly not. But when trying to get rid of massive amounts of food, there is no better place to work than at a climbing gym. Co-workers alone can clean a plate for you quite rapidly. I even got to finally give it a try! And it was a magnificent cake. I look forward to being able to afford the ingredients to make something else from the book in another month.

After several hours of getting my swell on in that dusty warehouse (re: falling off of shit and whining on the hangboard), I was hungry for a filling and nutritious dinner. I whipped out The Vegan Table, and settled on cornmeal encrusted tofu, with sides of sauteed kale and homemade vegan tartar sauce. I've made many a dish from this cookbook, and have enjoyed every one.

Now, let's interact a bit, everyone. The other day I was at Blockbuster and noticed that the movie The Guardians of Ga'Hoole was released for our at-home pleasure. Now, I had the distinct honor of seeing this cinematic treasure on the big screen. I had never read the books. I went in thinking that a society of owls couldn't be a bad thing. I left with many questions, and I was hoping someone out in the web-world could answer them for me:
1. How the hell do owls start fires?
2. Does it make sense that owls can become "moon-blinked?" Aren't they, you know, nocturnal?
3. Am I to understand that downfall of the owl society could come via the discovery of aluminum? Is this supposed to mean something?
4. Why are the parents so nonchalant about their son becoming an evil baby-killer, and supposedly dying a flaming, painful death?
5. What in god's name are BAGGY WRINKLES?

Almost as confusing as Eragon, when everyone was wearing blue jeans and expensive, magenta leather chaps.

But really, asshat, where did you get your pants.

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