Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally...the story of a paperboy turned champion.

A recap of times.

Busy week, friends. Not much time for Pancake to blog recipes. Even though I did cook delightfus things. Observe.

I would love to tell you all about this, but I don't remember what I put in it. It was a great meal, however, and made for great leftovers. I was hoping to blog tonight about an original cookie recipe. Maple butter cookies. They are okay. I wouldn't call it a Kitchen Lab Success, nor would I call it an Epic Fail. It just...exists.

But I wanted to blog. So, instead, I'll take this well-earned evening of relaxation to relive the week a bit. Feel free to stop reading. In addition to regular work (which involved the ABS Bouldering Regionals competition--many hours of sitting on my ass taping ripped seams in the carpets all over the gym. Rug burn. On the ass. Chemical burns. On the fingers), I was also gunning for editorial internships, and was asked to write a piece for the Vertical Girl website (Where the Land is Flat). Getting some work up on their site, scoring the internship I wanted most while taping floors (more on that another day), and finishing the comp meant a lot of celebration, so drinks were had at my favorite bar, and the movie Rad was enjoyed with friends (Enjoy the trailer. You'll know the whole movie by the end). Gnarly!

Things didn't let up. I made these BITCHIN' climbing pants for a pal, which I fully expect her to wear at all competitions--up to and including nationals--otherwise I wasted my god damn time. Also, I made my apartment a mess in this process. When I sew for someone else, they should have to clean it.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. I have to work, so I made my second recipe from the Babycakes cookbook and drove to the burbs to deliver it today. Another awesome treat. This book IS RAD. Mom was pleased. Happy Birthday, Mom! You are radiant!

The goal of this evening is to chill the fuck out, watch a movie, and enjoy some bourgeois conversation with the Mancandy. Wishing I could make Beeardsmith's chili right now.

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