Saturday, June 5, 2010

You can Round-up nature all into one place...Dee-ad.

Friends, cheap fun! Cheap fun galore!

This morning I journeyed back to the burbs of Detroit for some nature-loving fun. Oops, I'm a GD hippie. The musketeers were down one today, but Beeardsmith and I somehow managed to carry on. Somehow. Xtina, how my fool heart aches for you.

ANYCRAP, the morning started at 9am at the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve in Beverly Hills, 48025. I grew up my whole life in Beverly Hills, and never once stepped foot in this place until today! SO SAD. It is a lovely little natural area on the Rouge River. The Friends of the Rouge were putting on a number of weed-out and clean-up events along the river today. Douglas Evans was quite infested with our nemesis, garlic mustard. But Beeardsmith and I charged into the woods with our gloves, bags, and new t-shirts to wage war! With keen eyes and quick hands, we annihilated that mother fustard, all while taking a beating from the mosquitoes and dodging the dreaded three leaves. If you ever are having a rough day and feel like killing something, GO DESTROY SOME INVASIVES. It's cheap, it's fun, it's satisfying. Also, you can cook some pretty tasty things with garlic mustard, including salsa and pesto. We would demonstrate for you, but ours was in such close contact with poison ivy that it didn't seem worth the risk.

We stayed but an hour at the weed-out, however, because we wanted to be off to the Native Plant Fair in Rochester Hills. Beeardsmith had many a plant and tree in his mind's garden, and he came away with a bounty.

I myself have been longing for native low-bush blueberry, a special treat that could easily be grown in my balcony Eden. Victory abound. So much victory. My blueberry is potted an happy, and I imagine that Beeardsmith's new plants are finding similar joy in his expansive yard!

Also exciting about the fair: PONIES.

OTHER CHEAP FUN? Well, after the fair, we made a quick stop at Bordine Nursery to pick up espoma for our blueberries (they likes the acid). Ok, buying things is not cheap fun, but fucking around in the garden center? Absolutely IS.

And finally, I found this raccoon in a gutter the other day.

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