Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look up Live Avatar Role Playing on Youtube. Change your life.

Dinner today waz gud.

The mancandy is out of town this week. What's a girl to do?


Lot's of things.

Have simple breakfast. Go to Meijer. Find out they DO sell coconut oil, and for half as much as everywhere else. Realize how much money you could have saved. Throw mini fit in baking aisle. Climb. Make delicious lunch. Transcribe interview. Go to library, rent movies. Russa. MAKE FANTASTIC DINNER. Because I fucking DESERVE that. Eat a store-bought cupcake.

Let's talk about that dinner.

Milling about on Twitter, imagining witty things to tell our readers, I found windattack's tweet about peanut butter sweet potato fries.


Peanut butter sweet potato fries.

Yes. I, too, was intrigued. I investigated. I made them. Here's the link to the recipe. I used my Jiff Natural and it turned out perfect. Upon first bite, your mind doesn't know what to think. The strength of the two flavors, and their not obvious pairing, makes you stop and wonder: Do I like this? What is HAPPENING to me?

Second bite--SOLD. It's amazing. I wanted to eat the whole tray. My brother, a picky eater, also tried them. The reactions were identical. MAKE THEM.

I spent 20 minutes wondering what would go good with these. Traditional burgers or sandwiches or ANYTHING really didn't fit. So I imagined what I usually use peanut butter for in savory circumstances (that being peanut sauces in stir fries). Enter the bbq tofu.


1 slice of tofu, cut corner to corner
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tsp hot sauce of your choice

Mix the oil and sauces in a small bowl. Put it the tofu (if you aren't in a hurry, press it beforehand). Allow to sit while preparing the fries. Soak. Let it soak (taking care to flip them over halfway through this) for about 20-25 minutes. Warm up some olive oil over medium-low heat in a cast iron skillet. Cook tofu on each side until browned. Serve with fries, and delight!

Stay tuned this week, my pets. I plan on announcing a give-away.


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