Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brew and View: TWILIGHT!!!

Last night the gang went out for some cheap, pain-free fun. In downtown Ferndale is a fine establishment known as The Magic Bag. Why is this place so excellent? Simple. It's a movie theater turned bar. And they show you movies like Twilight: New Moon. Now, it's possible that Pancake and Xtina had already seen this movie twice in theaters. It's also possible that Beeardsmith was subjected to one of these viewings (to be fair, we went to a bar BEFORE thst show). But all of these previous experiences were trumped by the show at the Magic Bag. Is there a better movie to watch with a buzz than New Moon? I ask you.

The place was filled predominantly by women (to be expected). Every appearance of the eight pack was met with cheers (and hey! He's legal everybody!).
The other great thing? Admission is two dollars. And you don't have to leave your seat to get more booze. They have table service. For those of you not into beer, Woodchuck Cider is available (thank god). The only irritating part of the experience was that one of the giant orbs hanging from the ceiling left a shadow on the right side of the screen. I was willing to let this slide.
Supplement the trip with listening exclusively to 106.7 The Beat of Detroit and things will be perfect. Guaranteed.
Jiggity squat.

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  1. Choice picture. I drool over Taylor Lautner. -R