Sunday, February 14, 2010

A More Proper Intro

Hey folks, thought I'd clear the air from my first, more experimental post. Hope it wasn't too absurd, but look, I thought I'd dabble in some weird new shit. Also, I'm enjoying playing around with the appearance of this here blog, so bear with us as we tweak.

Anywho, I'm Cyrus, aka, the Beeardsmith. I brew beers. I bake breads. I'll share news about these things with you all. And, I have a beard. I guess I could share news about this too, thought it might not be as gut pleasing. I did not choose this nickname, but it fits, for now.

I cook, because I love to eat, and there's no better way to eat great things for cheap than to make them yourself. Unless you're new and practicing, which we all often are, and then the road is a little bumpy, but it eventually smooths out and becomes delicious. I'm not vegan, I enjoy my dairy, so I may post things that don't necessarily abide by the blog's title, but I think we can all find a way to manage.

Like many of us here on Oops, I'm a recent college grad, in between things and living with my parents. That's right, I admit it outright too. No job. Waiting for my new road to start, which will be osteopathic medical school, this June. Until then, I'm doing what most of us are doing: living frugally, making and eating what fun I can, and fending off boredom in any way I can.

On that note, onward to the foodening! It can only get better from here.

Coming soon, meatless chorizo tacos, and the deflowering of my giant steamer. Oh yes.

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