Sunday, February 14, 2010


Xtina's parents left her home to embark on a week-long vacation. In light of this event, the gang decided to get together and create the teens-gone-wild-because-momanddad-aren't home weekend that none of us ever had. Forget the fact that we're all in our early-twenties. Sometimes you have to channel your inner-adolescent. You'll feel yourself becoming increasingly awkward and horny if you succeed.

Although we gathered together a respectable amount of booze, we mostly wound up hanging out in the basement/kitchen eating a bag of Oreo "lard." I'm sure everyone has things to say about the weekend, so it'll probably all be covered eventually. I'm here to talk about Saturday, and the inaugural Sex^n experiment.

Sex^n had a number of totally rad components, starting with the homemade multigrain bread brought to us by Beardsmith. HEY, BEARDSMITH, WANNA POST THE RECP? THE RECP! The layers in the sandwich were as follows:
Bread slice
Chipotle sweet potato fries (Unfortunately not homemade-Alexia brand)

South-westy tofu patties (recipe from The Vegan Table)

Vegan nacho sauce (ie Nutritional Yeast sauce. SWEEEEETT)

Bread slice

As a side, we had homemade tortilla chips made by Beardsmith. To made the vegan nacho dip, basically just heat up about 1/2 cup nutritional yeast and 1/2 cup flour in 2 cups water in a saucepan. Spice it as you like, cook till it thickens, throw in a little earth balance and kablam--a tastey shmack.

After images of Sex^0 were documented, everyone went on to create their own little lays. Some toned down, some amped up. Xtina decided to remove some layers and eat them separately. Beardsmith loaded his down with extra goodies like broiled peppers and fried zucchini. He also made a second, smaller sandwich after the first that we simply called "The Quickie."

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