Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want to wear you like the crown you are.

OH HAAAYY, it's Pancake. So, today is the 25th. Vaffeldaggen! Waffle Day! One of many food-centric Swedish holidays. Or so we thought. Turns out we were a month off (it's MARCH 25th), but we decided to continue on anyways. Practice, after all. Double checking the functionality of our waffle recipe.

The plan for the morning was thus: make waffles and enjoy eating them with our first batch of homemade maple syrup, all while boiling down the next batch. The two trees are giving us a bounty that we never had anticipated, and not only do we have plenty of time still to go, we even have two more trees to tap! Joy. Bliss. Delectation.

We decided to denominate today Waffle Day in the US of A. First, we had to concoct a recipe. Originally, we were just going to google one up. We found an alluring post for some specious chocolate waffles, but Beeardsmith was all like "Hell no! Banfi." So we invented some quib instead. Folks, hold onto your G-string, cuz this shit is SPANKIN' GOOD.

2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp baking powder
1/2 cup applesauce
2 T maple syrup (using maple syrup over sugar is great for many reasons, two of the best being the flavor and the fact that you can get it LOCAL! We used our own.)
1/2 tsp vanilla
4 tbsp safflower oil
2 cups soy milk
Non-stick spray or butter or oil for the waffle maker
Team Teamwork's Ocarina of Rhyme album on repeat (CHECK IT OUT)

So you start with pre-heating your waffle iron so that you don't have to wait any longer than is necessary to get your breakfast. Be sure to heat up your oven to approximately 200 degrees to keep the finished waffles warm while the others are getting squished. When this has been accomplished, start mixing all the dry ingredients in one bowl, and all the wet ingredients in the other bowl. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients a little at a time. Do not overmix! Just get things mostly incorporated. And just like that, it's the Waffling Hour. Grease your waffle iron between each waffle, and go for it. Dance about the kitchen in an awkward manner to kill time and to burn those calories. This recipe makes about 8 waffles, and they are divine. From the pictures, if you look closely, you can see that these were enjoyed with a chocolate chip cookie appetizer and dessert.

This recipe turned out excellent. Flawless. Peerless. We drizzled our syrup over top and dug in like the happy, perfect suburban family we are.

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