Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Law school rant (many more to come)

Valentine's Day.....and my difficult marriage with law school continues.  The fact is, our relationship has no direction.  Instead we just sit in silence contemplating how to get out of investing time in one another.  It's not that I don't want the relationship to work; it's that I feel it's completely one-sided.  To work so hard, just for law school to give me a piece of paper, and probably no career opportunities, is so difficult.  It's not as if law school wants to give back any words of encouragement or show that it appreciates all of the time and effort that I pour into it.  I want to give up this relationship, but I figure that 2 more years of headache and misdirection MAY actually "open up opportunities"'s just up to me to find them!

As it happens i am a meat-loving unlawyer who takes solace in my vegetarian and vegan companions, who are all sorting out the early-twenties life crises that many Detroit suburbanite post-grads seem to be grappling with.  I happily endorse and embrace my friends in their quest, and merely wish to find a way to spout incoherent ramblings about the trials and tribulations of that marathon called "law school".  Heed my warnings, for those who contemplate this journey - be prepared for a rough ride!

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