Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cat bone! Cat bone!

My dog is dreaming. She must be kicking a squirrel with her back leg.

Last night, it was time for the ladiez to come together for a debriefing. It had been a while since our last time all together. Each of us is going through our own set of struggles, so sometimes we just need to come together to barf them all out (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively!). It sounds depressing, but it can be very helpful. Never underestimate the importance of friends in troubled times. When you have a group of people that can be made to laugh at their plights, things can feel moderately improved.

We gathered in Dearborn to spend the evening with Un-lawyer's family. We began the night with a group reading session. Xtina and I have begun writing a teen novel that will someday make us wealthy. Not rich, WEALTHY. We will perhaps post excerpts for you in the future. When it is published, you should go out and purchase it. Group reading sessions can be very therapeutic, especially when you have something funny to read! And change your voice up for different characters. That makes it more fun. Un-Lawyer also gave us all a short taste of Moonlight: A Parody. An excellent spoof of Twilight.

But what's a REALLY great cheap hoot? BOARDGAMES, OF COURSE! Hurray! We're the type of people that prefer games with minimal rules, so our first choice for the night's entertainment was Apples to Apples. As an English major with a soft spot for comedic writing, this game of word absurdity is by far one of my favorites. It's easy, and it never really stops being funny. Ever. The only irritation is when you have a hand full of names. The names are never really fun.

This was a night of creativity, really, as the next game was Pictionary. A classic, but one with significantly more rules than Apples to Apples. Rules! NOOOO!

Somehow, we managed to understand the laws of the board, and had a rousing, successful game. Our team was unfortunately cursed to always roll a five and land on All Plays. Damn you, All Plays! Un-Lawyer's parents and sister had a knack for guessing the right answer before members of our own team could. Alas.

So I guess that's about it! The moral of this post? boardgames!

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