Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review! Cafe Serenity in Traverse City!

Hello Friends,

Pancake has informed me that I get a D for turning in my homework - this post - late. Oops, I'm a slacker. Sorry!! I know you all were just hanging on the edge of your seats for this one.

Anyway, the assignment was to review Serenity Tea Bar and Cafe, a delightfus hang-out spot for vegetarians, vegans and tea lovers in Traverse City. This little cafe, located on Front Street across from the movie theatre, boasts a long menu filled with animal-free food and a tea list that made me salivate. I love tea, and am always searching for new tea houses.

On our first visit, we split a large pot of Persian Peach White Tea (read about different kinds of tea here) while we waited for lunch. Tea at Cafe Serenity is served on a tray, and you get a pot of hot water, and an infuser filled with whatever delicious variety you chose. The tea is accompanied with a timer, so you know exactly how long to brew your type of tea. Ours was pleasantly mild, warm and contained subtle hints of sweet fruit in each sip. Relaxing in the open, inviting interior of the cafe is easy, but despite the zen of tea drinking, we couldn't. We were too excited for the food.
An order of portabella mushroom fries started off the meal. Served with a tangy vegan ranch dipping sauce, these fries were crispy on the outside, smokey and chewy on the inside. They were quickly devoured.

Cafe Serenity offers many different kinds of black bean burgers, and I chose the Ragun' Cajun for lunch. A zesty spiced patty, made in house, was served with chili sauce and the usual fixings - lettuce, onion, tomato. The flavors danced in my mouth. I was sad when it was over. My faithful companions were equally delighted with their selections, just two of many, many vegan options. And the prices are good, with most meals pricing out under ten dollars.

We love this place so much that we returned for a second visit on Wednesday afternoon, this time getting a pot of the Manitou Masala chai. We even scored some soy creamer! Cafe Serenity, we love you.
Looks of love. These are looks of love.

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  1. D- because you failed to talk about "Macpodz."