Monday, May 31, 2010

Cheap Fun at Markets!

This past saturday was a great day, because xtina and I ventured out of our little circle of town and went over to our dear neighborburb Royal Oak! Why you ask?

We'd heard word that there was a farmer's market!

We had to get there early, because x had work at 10am to get to, so we headed over at about 8.15. Our drive was short and pleasant, but upon arrival, we panicked. The market was loaded, nay FLOODED, with people wanting to load up on plants/goodies this memorial day weekend. Shoulda known. But we didn't. We hadn't left the car yet, and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to, seeing as the market's parking lot was packed, and there was a queue of cars waiting for that very next spot to open up.


Turned the corner and down a ways, we found another lot, and we scavenged up the coins I had in my cup holder. 35 cents. That should buy us enough time to get in, buy something, and get some quarters in change. We pull in and get out, checking the rate to see how much time we'd get.

And then the clouds broke, the sun shone, and a symphony of joyousness burst out from all around....

parking was free until 10am.


Full of song and dance, happy as can be, we danced off into the sunset....::cough:: I mean, we were really excited, and we proceeded to head over to the market and see what we could find. Which turned out to be maple candy, kale, and rhubarb.

Good day. Cheap fun. and Oops, it's vegan too.

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