Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shameless product plugs

Dear friends -

I (xtina) am a tea addict. I might tell you that green is my favorite kind of tea. When I tell you that, I am LYING.

(Cy aka beerdsmith recently described my "lists" of favorite things as "ambiguous morphing cloud lists." As in, they change every time. I dare you to ask me what my favorite animal is. I may say a pug. I might say a mallard duck. But I think I really mean honeybees. Ask me my favorite Beatles song only if you're prepared for hours of aimless but excited rambling.)

While I drink multiple cups of green tea on a daily basis, for me there is nothing more luxurious than a lovingly prepared cup of chai. As such, I am constantly on the lookout for the best, the ultimate, the favorite blend of spiced tea out there. Currently in the Oops! test kitchen, I have a can of Arbor Tea's Organic Masala Chai Black Tea waiting for me whenever the need arises. This is an outstanding tea from an outstanding company.

The important part of a lovingly prepared chai is the milking and sweetening of the cup. Especially if you "accidentally" make it vegan! Usually I rely upon almond milk with great success. A few days ago, I simultaneously used the last bit of almond milk in the fridge AND received my federal tax refund! Which was a whopping five dollars. The happy coincidence meant a splurge trip to Whole Foods - or Whole Tax Refund - where I picked up some Turtle Mountain So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer and a new bottle of agave necter.

This morning, my chai was exceptionally incredible.

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