Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This droid has a bad motivator.

Today is a glorious day. Today is Carly Golden Retriever Hebert's 15th birthday. Still going strong! Keep it up, Carly! I made her some Pupcakes for the occasion. She loves pumpkin. I couldn't get a photograph of her enjoying this snack, because she swallowed it whole.

Yesterday the Three Musketeers traveled over to Xtina's community garden plot. Pictures and good times were in order, so hopefully she will blog about this delightfus activity in the near future! Grow food! It's a wonderful thing to do! We also watched Return of the Jedi. And so, on with the next important part of the post: Why we should all live like Yoda.

YODAISM (Yodism?)

1. Live in a bog. Forage for wild roots and make soup.
2. Live in a tree, sleep on a futon that probably smells like poverty.
3. English syntax question, we must. Rebel.
4. Speak in riddles. Never give anything away.
5. Find a young, fit, whiny kid with supernatural powers to give you piggy-back rides through old growth forests.
6. Turn young, fit, whiny kid into badass rebel scum.
7. Don't feel hate, sadness, or anger. But don't love anyone either. In fact, just be a crazy old hermit. It's for the best.

Do this and you'll live past 900 and evaporate.

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  1. She looks like she enjoyed her birthday, thanks to you. You spoil her.